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The Ministry Of Health in the State of Kuwait collaborates with other entities to provide clinical expertise to Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC) and strengthen cancer service delivery at the KCCC. Through this collaboration, KCCC offers our patients an access to the best internationally-certified cancer services, while ensuring continuous improvement of cancer care in Kuwait. We also focus on improving nursing and physician education, health administration and information technology. We continue to expand our experience while developing systems and innovative approaches that would benefit our patients.

For Professionals

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Social Services

The social and psychological service started its work at the center in January 1977 and is still undertaking its humanitarian mission in a perfect manner, thanks to the personnel in the section who offer the services to patients in a professional manner, based on sound and organized scientific method in two fields (health-social).

Who can transfer patients to us?

The section accepts the cases transferred from:
- Hospital Management
- Medical Staff
- Nursing Staff
- Service Applicant
- Discovered through the social worker

Our main objectives

- Social study of the social and psychological service applicant
- Social diagnosis to identify the reasons leading to the problem
- Treatment and developing the appropriate solutions

Our daily practice

- Raising health awareness of patients and their families and offering psychological support to them.
- Offering financial assistance to the needy patients after a full assessment.
- Calling patients who stopped receiving treatment and understanding the reasons for the discontinuation.
- Providing transportation to patients who come for treatment.
- Providing tickets to patients who cannot afford to return to their country of origin.
- Offering services in the patient’s line of work and saving his entitlements.
- Providing artificial limbs, wheel chairs and crutches for patients who are unable to pay for such expenses.
- Organizing cultural and entertainment programs to occupy in-house patients during their spare time.
- Organizing cultural and entertainment programs to occupy in-house patients during their spare time.
- Contributing to the social aspects of medical research carried out at KCCC.

The department of Social Services aims to provide a social and family oriented environment for patients by benefiting from national and religious occasions and holidays.

Contact us

We invite anyone who wishes to support the social work initiatives and patients either through social or monetary support to contact the Social Service Department of KCCC.

Tel.: 24849100
Ext.: 5097-5092-5132


The Society was established in Kuwait, in 1979, by a group of Kuwaiti Doctors to help the patients, and at that time it was a Committee, under Al-Najat Charitable Society, thanks to its support that embraced it and supported its different activities and at that time was called as “Patients Help Fund”. On the ground of the Council of Minister’s Decision No. (282) taken in its meeting No. (11/2005) on 20/3/2005 was agreed that the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor/ Kuwait shall declare the “Society of Patients Help Fund” as an “Independent Charitable Society” and which was declared by the Decision No. (9/2005) on 5/6/2005, whereas its donations and bestowal grew and its achievements spurred a healthy growth with its allover concept for the different layer of the society and the Society affairs are managed by a Management Board – made up of seven members – elected by the General Assembly “every two years” and the General Assembly is composed of the working members who have passed at leas six (6) months.

Objective of the Society

1. To help the patients, who are crippled by sickness and unable to seek their livelihood.
2. Contribution to dissemination of the targeted health awareness among the society’s layers.
3. To help the patients, who require treatment inside or outside state of Kuwait.
4. Constructions and equipping of the hospitals and health centers inside or outside state of Kuwait.
5. To participate in extension of the material and moral help hands to those harmed in the catastrophes outside Kuwait.

I can't get my medicine, how can the society help me?

You can easily visit our front desk to know what are the required documents needed to know how can we help you?
Mostly, we need an updated report from your treating doctor detailing your medical condition and the treatment recommendations offered by him. Also, we need a recent bank statement and an employment letter with detailed salary.
You may be requested to provide other documents accordingly.

Will the society cover 100% of my medications?

Based on your own income, the society will study your situation and discuss with you how much support the society will offer. If you deserve full support, the society will be more than happy to do so, else the society will share with a part.

Contact us

Headquarter : (+965) 1899000
Medical Committee : (+965) 24874629 - (+965) 24877394
Women's Committee : (+965) 22573239
Donor Services : (+965) 99453744 - (+965) 99453722
Complains : (+965) 22052112
Fax: +965 1899000
Address: Qadisiyah, 1, street 10, house 3 24409 Safat
City: Kuwait City
Country: Kuwait

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